Fashion Trend: Shorts | Romper With Maxi Skirt Detail

So recently, I’ve been seeing many pictures over social media of what seems to be shorts and rompers with a maxi skirt detail and I’ve fallen in love! ♥ As you may or may not know, I adore flowy clothing because it looks so gorgeous especially when the wind blows through it. I think this clothing piece is absolutely MAJESTIC and gives bohemian goddess vibes! I wanted to know more of this style and which online clothing stores carry this sort of clothing item and here is what I found:

Almost all of them I found had patterns on them but I found one from MISSGUIDED that was in all gray. It’s a simple color but the style is so bold and unique!

Screenshot (83).png

MISSGUIDED – Crepe Sleeveless Skirt Overlay Romper Grey – $56.00

KENDALL JENNER was also seen rocking this trend in a beautiful all-black version, pairing it with black strappy sandals. Doesn’t she look stunning?

Screenshot (81).png

Going back to →MISSGUIDED, here are some others I found but with pretty patterns:

Floral Print Shorts With Maxi Skirt Detail – $16.00

Floral Maxi Skirt Detail Shorts Black – $22.40

Paisley Print Maxi Skirt Shorts Black – $14.40

Romper versions:

GOJANE – Greenhouse Sass Floral Halter Maxi – $37.51

GOJANE – Natural Blooms Floral Maxi – $35.95

Screenshot (80).png

CiChic – Light Blue Floral Print V-neck Plunging Neckline Backless Swallowtail Maxi Chiffon Romper with Maxi Overlay – $23.46

So these are the ones I found! Do you like this trend and would you wear it? Which one was your favorite?

x o x o – Emily ♥


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