High School Graduation – Class of 2016

♥Hello! I haven’t been blogging recently because “so much” has happened in my life recently, from dance competing to graduating high school! However,  I know these aren’t excuses because through looking at it optimistically… THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR BLOGGING! So, this is what has happened recently in my life ⇓

So first off, dance competition!! I was in my school’s dance team for all my four years of high school and by Sophomore year, the team participated in “Anaheim’s Best Dance Crew” which is an annual dance competition for high school dance teams in Anaheim that occurs towards the end of the school year. In our first time participating, we won first place but in my junior year, we unfortunately lost and had to give the trophy back. So, we practiced harder my Senior year even when we had a ton of homework. *cough cough* 9/11 report *cough cough* Haha but thankfully the seniors were done with the 9/11 report by the time intense dance practices were made. The day before competition, dance practice was held until 8 PM and by the next day (competition day) , the whole team was sore. But hard work pays off because we eventually won first place and got to bring trophy back home!


They are some the most caring, kind, creative, passionate, funny and beautiful people I have met in my life. Although I am the shyest, I still feel at home and welcomed when I was with them during practice. I’ll definitely always remember them and I will never forget this day!!

Secondly, GRADUATION! I’m happy to say that I was able to graduate with a 4.0 GPA in both semesters of my senior year, but it didn’t come easily. I really pushed myself to get a 4.0 because that has been my goal since Jr High and I barely achieved it by my senior year of high school! I took my time with assignments and projects until I felt like it was the best I can do even if it meant having to sleep late. I remember for most of my spring break, I was working on my 9/11 report because my goal was to get to 30 pages and guess what? I ended up getting 100% on the report! I always woke up a bit earlier to study to ensure I pass my exams. For my gov/econ class, the teacher would usually give vocab quizzes on Mondays. So for most Sunday afternoon/nights, I would make flashcards on the vocab words and then wake up early Monday morning to finish studying. Except for like 3-4 times, I ended up getting 100% on the quizzes. My point here is that (like many say) if you really want something WORK HARD FOR IT and you’ll get it ^-^ ♥ ♥ ♥

and here are some pictures of the graduation day ⇓

IMG_5701[1]when I was getting ready 🙂

some of the Magnolia Dance Team seniors!!
IMG_5736[1]Dance Team Seniors with the high school dance club advisor!! They’re so cute, I’ll miss them!

IMG_5719[1] IMG_5720[1] IMG_5723[1]

When I came home from the event!


The diploma holder 🙂

That’s what happened, I finished high school! Now to college yay! Thank you for reading, good night!

-Emily xoxo


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