Hello beautiful people! xxx Today I’ll be blogging about what I wore for Christmas Eve. (I know, it’s 5 days late. I’m sorry ❤️) so what I wore: 

  I apologize if it’s too dark to see, it’s because I took these photos late at night when I came home from church!!
  A close up of the front pocket 🙂
A bigger view of how the outfit looks from the side!

  (How the back looks) 
What I wore was Denim jeans ripped at the knees. The jacket I wore is apparently black, but I thought it was a dark blue-Royal blue. However, my mum and sister both claim that it’s black! Hmm, what do you think? I must be colored blind I guess, haha! The material of this jacket is very soft and it’s extremely comfortable. Just wish it was warmer because I was freezing! But I can’t complain, I loge it! It was very affordable as well. I got it at Marshalls by the way! Details below:

How much it was  
  The brand:
It even has a hood WHICH I LOVE!


And under the jacket, I just had a fluffy, elbow length, turtle neck, elbow length black top. Wow that was mouthful haha!
  And yes, I see that shampoo in the back too 
For my hair, I just had it curly:



THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VIEWING! I hope you had a great Christmas. I also hope you have a beautiful rest of the day and life!

Just a smile and sleepy eyes to end the post! Goodnight lovlies!! Much love and peace to all! xoxo


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