#1 Flannel Tied Over Waist Trend 

As all of you may or may not know, one of the trends, since last year, is having flannels tied over your waist! As the images below shows… 

  ( Image from thefashiontag.com )

( image from chictrends.co.uk )

 ( image from dressmeblog.me )

So I decided to do a look based on tieing something over my waist, I did with a plain blue button up cardigan instead of a flannel! 

(Again, I apologize for the bad photos I take inside my bathroom, I just don’t have a professional camera nor a “majestic” place to shoot at.) 

  The black crop too says “up town girl” and I got it from Marshalls  

 The blue “denim” button up, I really can’t remember if I got it at Marshalls, Ross or Fashion Q 

How the back looks 

  White skater skirt from the clothing store StylesForLess but you can also shop online at their website, which I believe is: www.stylesforless.com 

If you saw this, thank you very much, I really appreciate it to the extreme! I hope I eventually become better at blogging and become more consistent with it. My dream is to do anything  with fashion! And through this, it lets me experience it somewhat. Other than that THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU. Goodnight! Xoxo 🙂


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