School Outfit: Black On Black

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick outfit post on what I wore to school today and how I did my hair. It’s nothing special but I just thought i’d share something, rather than just make sets on polyvore! 

  What I did to my hair is brushed my longer hair on my left side. Then for my side fringe (my shorter hair), I brushed it on the right. Just casual!

Before you look, I just want to give an apology for the messy background (clothes) of what’s behind me. I took these pictures before I left school (Inside my bathroom haha!), and I currently don’t have a professional camera nor a place to shoot outfits considering that I live in an apartment. I’m hoping that in the near future, I’ll have a better quality camera, rather than the camera from my iPod touch, and a beautiful place to take pictures of outfits! 🙂 

My shirt says, “LEAVE ME ALONE” Appropriate for school right? haha! The shirt is from Ross and it was very affordable. 

 I got the pleather skater skirt from Ross as well! I believe it was only $9.99! 

 As for the over the knee socks, I got them from Marshalls! (AKA Probably my favorite store ever!) ❤️


  Here is some awkward posing! (Your
Welcome?!) and I’m sorry about the messy background, I know that I must change it! I will, soon, hopefully!
 I tried an editing app in which you can blur some things. I used it in hopes of making the photo be focused more on the outfit, rather than the distractions at the back of me. I’m not quite sure if I like it or not. Maybe I should just not blur the background and leave it as it? Or should I blur the background? Please leave me any suggestions, I’d truly appreciate it! x

(JUST A LITTLE NOTE: I hope you’re all having a beautiful day!)  
 As you can see, I’m not a model and so I probably posed incorrectly throughout these photos. Haha! 

Thank you so much if you see this! I really appreciate it so so so much even if just one person sees this! I’m glad that I can share my passion of fashion/styling/clothing online! Please leave any suggestions of what I should blog more of! Much love to every single one of you! Goodnight! xoxo 


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