origami skorts

Hello all! Ive been gone for so long but I’m back here to bring you a post about the origami skorts! I’ve been really loving the “Origami Skort” trend! I love it so much because it’s so amazing how it can be both dressed up and down. It’s great because you can wear it out to dinner, to a party, or even to a simple hangout! Also, can we just talk about the design? It’s shape is just too brilliant! There are many different skorts out there that are different colors, textures, and even patterns! I’ve been on a hunt for a black or even white leather pair of skorts for the longest time, I managed to find a black one at Marshall’s but it was with a beautiful floral design that was made of lace. So, I was more than pleased with my purchase even though it wasn’t what I was looking for because I fell in love when I saw it! haha! Here is how I wore mine:

I wore my origami skort with a white v-neck and a long black and white striped sleeveless “cardigan” with fringe at the bottom. I went with black and white because of the black and white monochrome trend i’ve been obsessing over! (And i wore black combat boots but you can’t see it in the photo) x
I also wore it another way here:


For this look with the origami skort, I went with all black because I’ve been also loving to wear all black! I paired it with my leather bracelets and even painted my nails black. And of course I had to pair it with my black combat boots by: G by Guess and with my knee high socks.

Here I have found some other origami skorts online:

This I found on the Forever 21 website: http://www.forever21.com/Mobile/Product/Product.aspx?br=mobile&category=bottom&productid=2000126583
The one from forever 21 is a dusty rose color and is shown as how to wear it in a casual way which looks so relaxing but flirty too because of the skort color!

This one is from the the DailyLookwebsite and is a gorgeous blue color which can really give your outfit a big pop of color! Website: www.dailylook.com




These are a bunch I found at the LoveCulture website! These, like the floral ones can compliment any outfit because of its patterns. You can pair the floral ones with a solid colored top and you will still look put together due to the very eye catching patterns. For the jean one, I would most likely wear a white top because I love how white goes with jean material. Maybe I’ll even pair it with a leather jacket, or wear a black basic and pear it with a leather jacket too! Here is the website to find these skorts and many others: www.loveculture.com

This completes my blog about the origami skorts trend! I had so much fun making this post and exploring the different websites that sell them! Bye, and until next time!! much love 🙂 x
-Emily x


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